Health and Safety Policy and Compliance

The changes to legislation have placed a lot more emphasis on Health and Safety for businesses in New Zealand, leaving many with that feeling of "Where do I begin?" A large majority of business owners are working in and on their business without the resources to spend the required time on putting together new policies and procedures - and then implementing them effectively. 

This is where a dedicated consultant can come in, relieve the stress, and work with you to make your workplace and providing your services, as safe as possible. It is not only about policy, it is about risk assessment, and the minimising or elimination of potentially harmful hazards in your workplace or business.

The support and guidance you need will be provided to you every step of the way, from someone who knows you and your business. 

You already have existing Health and Safety Systems?

  • Firstly, an assessment and review of your current system will be conducted and a list of recommendations provided to you.

If there are changes required, you will be assisted with:

  • Making the necessary changes to bring your systems and policies in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and other industry relevant regulations
  • Writing policy for, and helping to implement easy-to-manage procedure changes
  • Collaborating with existing team members to ensure a smooth transition

You are looking at a new Health and Safety plan?

After an initial assessment, and list of recommendations:

  • A specific management system and policy will be created, unique to your business needs and size
  • Assistance with Health and Safety meetings, training and providing guidance with policy implementation. Incorporating additional legislative and industry guidelines unique to your industry

Once your management system and policy is in place – support and guidance is provided and maintained.

Process Improvement

There may be some simple improvements that can be implemented in order to make the administration, management and reporting within your health and safety plan much more streamlined.

A small change, could make a big difference that could save significant time and money.

Human Resources and Health and Safety

Health and Safety is about people, it is important to bring your Health and Safety policy to life by interacting with staff in the best way possible. Employment agreements, induction processes, training and staff interaction need to align with your policy in order to be effective. Equally, your staff members need to understand and commit to the shared responsibility of keeping safe while at work.

Your human capital is the biggest source of value in your business, and it is essential to look after this asset.